Standalone PV Systems

These systems generate electricity through solar energy and are appropriate for running electrical and electronic appliances in remote areas where there is no other means of electricity. Solar Modules (panels), during day time, convert light into electrical energy (by photovoltaic effect) which is stored in battery banks through charge/ load controllers.    This stored energy can be used for running lamps and other electrical appliances.   The charge/ load controller protects the battery from being deep discharged as well as over charged from the solar module.   Solar Home Lighting Systems (SHS) of various capacities, which are currently being subsidized by the Government for rural households, also fall in this category.   A standard Suryodaya Urja SHS for village electrification consists of a 40Wp PV module, a 75 Ah deep cycle battery, a charge/ load controller, 4 lamp sets, power points for a radio or a small B/ W TV set, and all necessary installation materials.   We have also designed low cost Solar Home Systems of 20-22 Wp capacities for people with lower income range.   This system enables a household to use three low watt fluorescent lamps for 4 hours a day or 2 lamps and a B/ W TV for approximately 2 hours.

Depending on the requirement, the size of standalone solar PV system can be of larger capacity e. g. 60+ Wp, 80+ Wp or in the range of a Kilowatt.   Suryodaya Urja also designs, manufactures and implements large stand-alone systems to run office complexes, hotels and lodges in turnkey basis.   Portable or semi-portable systems to run laptops, slide projectors, TV/ VCRs, communication equipment can also be custom manufactured as per specific requirements.


Very Small Solar PV Systems (Solar Tukis)

Very small solar PV systems with 3 – 5 Wp modules, 4 – 7 Ah sealed maintenance free battery and a couple of 1 – 3 watt lamps with White Light Emitting Diodes (WLEDs) have been designed so that even the poorer section of the village populace could have access to some sort of lighting arrangement in replacement to the oil lamps or burning of latex from trees.

Solar PV Lanterns

Again to cater the needs of the village people, who quite often require portable lamps, we integrate and market solar lanterns with 3 to 10 watt peak PV modules.   These are portable lamps (CFL or WLED based) with small batteries (4 – 7 Ah capacity) enclosed in the lantern housing. The principle of operation of a lantern is similar to that of a SHS. The lantern batteries can be charged by connecting the module during the day and during nights the lamp can be used for 3 to 5 hours.    These are also suitable for night literacy classes and other income generating activities/ training etc.