Institutional Solar Photovoltaic System is a standalone PV system installed to power the equipments of an institution. Such systems have mostly been installed to power the electrical equipments of institutions located in rural areas of country. But ISPS has also been installed to backup the urban institutions suffering badly from grid line Loadshedding.  Suryodaya Urja has successfully installed above hundred ISPS till date. Suryodaya Urja has also been involved as an active Private sector organisation for dissemination of subsidy based ISPS programmes launched by AEPC.

Implementation of ISPS has following advantages:

  • Can be used to run the office equipments like Computer, printer, fax machine, etc at Schools, Campuses, and other organizations.
  • Can be used to backup the FM stations and Telecommunication tower at rural areas
  • Can be used to power the Vaccine refrigerator of rural Health Post
  • Can be used to power the lighting and sound in remote monasteries, temples, mosques, assembly halls, etc.
  • Since ISPS is independent of national grid so this system is free of Loadshedding
Solar PV