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Charge Controller

Charge Controllers are the electronic device basically used to control the charging and discharging of the battery in solar system. The main function of charge controller is to prevent the battery from over-charging or over-discharging. The Maximum voltage output from solar panels are generally higher than actually needed for battery charging. So, the solar charge controller maintains the optimum charging voltage for different voltage levels of battery.


Charge Controller


Suryodaya Urja provides the range of solar charge controllers of different current rating and voltage level.

Suryodaya Urja Pvt. Ltd is importer and seller of charge controllers from Ritika systems, Sundaya, Isofoton and Morning star.


countryoforigin: India
manufacturer: Ritika Systems

countryoforigin: Indonesia
manufacturer: Sundaya

countryoforigin: Spain
manufacturer: Isofoton

countryoforigin: Germany
manufacturer: Phocus India Solar Pvt. Ltd.

countryoforigin: America
manufacturer: Morning Star

AKW Charge Controller

  1. Suryodaya Charge Controller 5A, 12V
  2. Suryodaya Charge Controller 10A, 12V
  3. Suryodaya Charge Controller 10A, 24V
Sundaya Charge Controller
  1. Sundaya Charge/ Load Controller, 12V
  2. Sundaya Charge/ load Controller, 12V
ISOFOTON Charge/Load Controller
  1. ISOFoton  Charge/ Load Controller 30A, 12/24V
Phocus Charge/Load Controller
  1. Phocus Charge/ Load Controller 20A, 12/24V
  2. Phocus Charge/ Load Controller 20A CX, 12/24V
  3. Phocus Charge/ Load Controller 40A CX 12/24V
MorningStar Charge Controller
  1. Prostar Charge/Load Controller 15A, 48V
  2. PWM Tristar Charge/Load Controller 45A 12/24/48V
  3. PWM Tristar Charge/Load Controller 60A 12/24/48V
  4. MPPT Tristar Charge/Load Controller 45A 12/24/48V
  5. MPPT Tristar Charge/Load Controller 45A 12/24/48V

2 Years Full Warranty in all charge controller Products

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