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Suryodaya Urja Awarded "Best After Sales Service Providing Company" by AEPC
Jul, 2016
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Suryodaya Urja Annual Staff Meeting 2013 Held
Jul, 2016
Final Inspection of Grid Tie Solar Power Plant
Jul, 2016
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Suryodaya Urja's Website Redesigned
Jul, 2016
Villagers rejoice completion of Solar Drinking Water Project
Jul, 2016

Volta RE




Suryodaya Urja Pvt. Ltd. is authorized importer and distributor for Volta Brand of Solar Batteries with tubular positive plate and Volta Industrial Cell with tubular positive plates.

Volta Solar Tubular Battery

  1. 23AH @C10, 12v
  2. 28Ah @C10, 12V
  3. 40Ah @C10, 12V
  4. 60Ah @C10, 12V
  5. 80Ah @C10, 12V
  6. 100Ah @C10, 12V

Volta Tall Tubular Battery

  1. 150Ah @C10, 12V

Volta Industrial Tubular Positive Plates Battery

  1. 400Ah @C10, 2V
  2. 660Ah @C10, 2V
  3. 770Ah @C10, 2V


  1. IT400 Deep Cycle Tubular batteries, 115AH @C20, 12V
  2. IT 500 Deep Cycle Tubular Batteries, 150AH @C20, 12V
  3. IT750 Deep Cycle Tubular Batteries, 200AH @C20, 12V
  4. Sealed Maintenance Free Batteries
  5. GEL Batteries

36 Months Warranty on Solar Tubular Battery

48 Months Warranty on Volta Tall Tubular Battery

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